clayton: oh. picked up a book at the library yesterday that looks pretty interesting.
clayton: darkness falls by kyle mills.
spiffie: what's it about?
clayton: some bacteria that eats oil and spreads like crazy is wreaking havoc in the middle east.
clayton: and dhs has to save the day.
spiffie: dhs? so it's fantasy?
clayton: yeah.

When did driving become a sign of a disturbed individual?

The WaPo has an editorial up bout Bruce Ivins, the alleged anthrax killer. It describes him as a "deeply disturbed man with bizarre habits, including a proclivity for false identities and inexplicably long drives to nowhere." I don't do much driving anymore, but I used to go out "just driving around" when I wanted some time to think, and I still know people who do this (maybe not so much with gas prices the way they are). How are "long drives", even those without apparent purpose, supposed to be indicative of a disturbed individual? *Confused*


Let's see: I encrypted my Home folder, I run my Internet through a VPN, I have anti-virus and firewall software running (on a Mac), and every single password for an online service is different, random, and at least 14 characters in length. Bring it on, hacker scum! and what it gets wrong

A lot of people are noting the various issues with's design and server overload problems, but the main issue I see is that their page ranks suck.  Much has been made of the fact that a search for "george washington" returns no results, but even a search for "sam adams" returns a full page of results of which almost all are related to the beer company and exactly *zero* are related to the patriot.  Until can rank their results in a useful and consistent way, no x billion number of indexed pages will win out over Google.

McCain’s very bad, no good talent for chronology (or Bush is not responsible for the oil price


Just what is up lately with John McCain? One has to wonder if his campaign is sabotaging him on purpose. Surely it can’t be the case that the candidate of a major American political party is completely without access to a basic fact checker?

Even a college-aged intern (with the Google or other basic Internet skills) ought to be able to help a guy out for next to nothing, without putting undue stress on McCain’s budget.

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Can the Bands Play On? The Live Music Task Force tunes up to protect Austin’s claim to fame

The Austin Chronicle: News: Can the Bands Play On?: The Live Music Task Force tunes up to protect Austin’s claim to fame: “Bands that formerly supplemented their limited local audiences and income by regional touring have seen the ever-rising price of gas devour the thin profit margins on out-of-town gigs. Once slacker-friendly, Central Austin is no longer affordable for a singer-songwriter eking out a living with a dream and a guitar. Could the famed Austin music scene be losing its vitality?

Among those taking these concerns seriously is Mayor Will Wynn, who issued a proclamation in January making 2008 ‘The Year of Austin Music.’ When speaking around town, the mayor carries the group’s audience-building message: Get off the couch, and go out to see at least one Austin band each month in 2008.”

(Via: The Austin Chronicle.)

It occurs to me that I haven’t been doing my part to help keep Austin’s music and art community vibrant and healthy. When I can find a schedule that allows me to, I think I’ll try to make a point to be a better patron of our local arts.

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Crossing the line on Steve Jobs’ health

Crossing the line on Steve Jobs’ health | One More Thing - CNET “One clear sign that this is an unseemly exercise: if those who keep pushing the issue feel they have to repeatedly apologize for seeming insensitive, they’re probably being insensitive. Yes, Jobs is the CEO of a $135 billion company that has dramatically changed the world of technology and made countless people rich. And, as I wrote the last time we covered this, Apple’s board of directors has a clear duty to avoid falling into a situation resembling Woodrow Wilson’s final days in office.

However, the only responsibility that Apple’s board of directors has to its shareholders is to make sure that Steve Jobs’ health is not a liability, and disclosing anything beyond that would be a mistake.”

(Via c|net.)

Steve Jobs is not a public official, and as I see it hasn’t given up his right to privacy simply because he’s a CEO. Jobs has also done as much as one could ask to ensure that Apple has the talent in place to continue should anything happen to him, with a large stable of talented managers in every division of the business.

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