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When did driving become a sign of a disturbed individual?

The WaPo has an editorial up bout Bruce Ivins, the alleged anthrax killer. It describes him as a "deeply disturbed man with bizarre habits, including a proclivity for false identities and inexplicably long drives to nowhere." I don't do much driving anymore, but I used to go out "just driving around" when I wanted some time to think, and I still know people who do this (maybe not so much with gas prices the way they are). How are "long drives", even those without apparent purpose, supposed to be indicative of a disturbed individual? *Confused*


God, I hope not. We need the nation's top crazies in there making germ dispersal apparatuses.
Have you applied yet? They won't write me back.
Did you write in Oolox? They only have translators that read Oolox.
My advisor always said to take that, and I didn't listen!