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Can the Bands Play On? The Live Music Task Force tunes up to protect Austin’s claim to fame

The Austin Chronicle: News: Can the Bands Play On?: The Live Music Task Force tunes up to protect Austin’s claim to fame: “Bands that formerly supplemented their limited local audiences and income by regional touring have seen the ever-rising price of gas devour the thin profit margins on out-of-town gigs. Once slacker-friendly, Central Austin is no longer affordable for a singer-songwriter eking out a living with a dream and a guitar. Could the famed Austin music scene be losing its vitality?

Among those taking these concerns seriously is Mayor Will Wynn, who issued a proclamation in January making 2008 ‘The Year of Austin Music.’ When speaking around town, the mayor carries the group’s audience-building message: Get off the couch, and go out to see at least one Austin band each month in 2008.”

(Via: The Austin Chronicle.)

It occurs to me that I haven’t been doing my part to help keep Austin’s music and art community vibrant and healthy. When I can find a schedule that allows me to, I think I’ll try to make a point to be a better patron of our local arts.

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There have been quite a lot of complaints against subbs and other clubs downtown from all the new condo tennants, and it's going to get worse. I disagree strongly that Austin is the actual live music capital of the world, however, if one moves to a city that bills itself as such, they should be ready to deal with music when they move within the entertainment district.