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As World Embraces Obama, McCain Attacks

As World Embraces Obama, McCain Attacks: “‘I believe any partisanship ends at the water’s edge,’ John McCain said when he visited Colombia in early July.

At least that’s what McCain believes when he’s across the water.

Since Obama departed overseas–on a trip McCain baited him to take–the McCain campaign has sent out a barrage of emails, statements and press clips attacking Obama. I counted five attacks this morning alone, ridiculing Obama for opposing the ’surge’ in Iraq and supporting a timetable to withdraw combat troops.”

(Via The Nation.)

McCain’s desperation is getting a little pathetic to watch. One has to wonder why he’s following the kitchen sink strategy when the same strategy failed to work for Hillary Clinton. All Obama has to do now is present a commercial showing McCain’s prior statements regarding a clean campaign contrasted with recent attack quotes to paint McCain as a negative, conventional politician.

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