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Crossing the line on Steve Jobs’ health

Crossing the line on Steve Jobs’ health | One More Thing - CNET News.com: “One clear sign that this is an unseemly exercise: if those who keep pushing the issue feel they have to repeatedly apologize for seeming insensitive, they’re probably being insensitive. Yes, Jobs is the CEO of a $135 billion company that has dramatically changed the world of technology and made countless people rich. And, as I wrote the last time we covered this, Apple’s board of directors has a clear duty to avoid falling into a situation resembling Woodrow Wilson’s final days in office.

However, the only responsibility that Apple’s board of directors has to its shareholders is to make sure that Steve Jobs’ health is not a liability, and disclosing anything beyond that would be a mistake.”

(Via c|net.)

Steve Jobs is not a public official, and as I see it hasn’t given up his right to privacy simply because he’s a CEO. Jobs has also done as much as one could ask to ensure that Apple has the talent in place to continue should anything happen to him, with a large stable of talented managers in every division of the business.

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