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Almost failed at life today

I went to get a haircut. I went inside. I sat down. I waited my turn. I got my haircut. I paid. I walked out.

I discovered my car keys weren't in my pocket. Fuck.

I thought, "Maybe I left them in my car," which I used to do a lot. But I haven't done that in years.

I walked to my car. I saw my keys.

Sitting in the lock in the door. The door was locked, at least (I guess).

I haven't done anything that dumb in a long time. At least I didn't leave them in the ignition. With the car still on. Which I have done. More than once.

At least the Universe liked me enough today not to steal my car. How was your day?


once i misplaced my keys and my car ended up in san diego with speakers stuffed full of cocaine
Oh, let's see. My car got broken into, my less-than-24-hour-old iPhone stolen, my razr stolen, my tumi brief-bag stolen, my clothes stolen, my id, my cards, my ssn card... everything.

According to everyone, with no money and ID, I don't even exist.

Let's see how happy I am in the morning.
Oh no. :(

Your day was worse. You win.
Well it has certainly been annoying. Now, I am off to see if I can get an ID... let's hope!